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Dolphins won't be outbid financially for Fisher

The Dolphins are prepared to make Jeff Fisher the best financial offer of any team vying for the coach this winter, an NFL source told the Miami Herald and a source close to owner Stephen Ross confirmed.

Ross is not eager to overpay to land Fisher or anyone else as he searches for a head coach. But the Dolphins owner is willing to best any offer that might come from St. Louis or Tampa Bay or any other team wanting to hire the former Tennessee Titans coach. Fisher is the most accomplished coach on the Dolphins' radar.

And the Dolphins are intent on not being outbid financially for Fisher.

Ross has the deep pockets necessary to pay what he must to hire Fisher and he apparently does not want to be seen as incapable of landing the most prized coach on the market -- at least not as a result of being outbid.

The NFL source said Fisher understands the Dolphins are prepared to outbid all other teams. But he has other concerns, such as the team's structure, that he must overcome before deciding if he wants to work in Miami or not.

Other teams may be able to more fully satisfy Fisher in offering him the kind of structure he is more comfortable with and that may tilt his decision away from Miami. But money talks and it's only a matter of how much Fisher is willing to listen.

"If Jeff wants the money, if that is more important to him, then the Dolphins have a good chance," the source said. "But if money is secondary and he's more concerned with structure or other cards on the table, he'll end up somewhere else."

So basically the Dolphins are trying to use their ability to pay more as a way of overcoming what is seen in some circles as issues Fisher isn't completely comfortable with.


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Fire Ireland. Problem solved.


Issues like the fact that this team is paranoid of the media, the fact that Ireland might be his boss etc... Ross screwed this up from the start when he let ireland stay. Parcells was a flop here, and all his minions must go

Concerned with the structure or other cards on the table...In other words, Jeff Ireland. Very simple.

lol, way off on that Churchill remark Armando, the guy was secretive about the weirdest things and there is a famous quote attributed to him, can't remember word for word so I won't repeat it but it was about the need for secrecy even when it seems unnecessary.


This really is a no brainer. Everyone knows it won't be money but, rather Ireland that's the obstacle!

I'm not a huge fan of Fisher but he is respected. If this team lacks anything these days it's RESPECT. From that standpoint alone, Fisher would be a good signing. Would give us credibility & relevance again.

If Fisher has issues with Ireland running the show, FIRE THE CLOWN! I'm OK with Peterson being the GM if necessary or letting Fisher be involved in choosing a new one. Hell, Peterson Peterson put together some decent teams for the Cheifs back in the day. Even if he's the GM for 1 year in an interim basis.

Whatever it takes to rid us of Ireland. That's the only way this team ever goes anywhere!

Well the Dolphins are being secretive but why is Fisher?

"overcoming what is seen in some circles as issues Fisher isn't completely comfortable with".

What issues is he uncomfortable with? Has he told Ross these issues? And if so is Ross willing to resolve them in order to sign the coach he wants?

So should we be laughing at Fisher as well for being secretive?

Ross is truly in love with Ireland and no coach will come between them.

Don't be surprised if plan B ends up being Bowles or Mangini.

Odd how sometimes you hear quotes like "Jeff Ireland is well respected within NFL circles as a talent evaluator, blah, blah, blah," but no one on earth has written, nor has any NFL insider said or implied anything other than Ireland is an albatross and the primary reason why any worthwhile coach (including the one Ross apparently wants the most) will decide against coming here.

Fisher used Miami for leverage, he has zero interest in coming here and his plan worked. Wherever he wants to go, they now know Miami will pay a ton for him.

Fisher - 1, Miami/Ross/Ireland - o-fer-ever......

Ok Peterson...time to start earning your stripes.

Tell Jeffy its time to take his toys and go home.

We'll put them in a box and ship them off, along with a nice fat check for all your troubles.

Enter Fisher, Peterson and the new world order!

Fisher and Ross have been talking for some time now through the proper channels or behind the NFL's back depending on how you want to call it. If Fisher had issues with Ireland; he wouldn't have wasted his time or the Phins. Ross may have even said that Ireland could be removed or demoted back to Ball-Boy his previous job before Parcells surrounded himself with idiots.

If Fisher doesn't want to be a Dolphin and he comes for the money then the Dolphins are headed down a road once traveled. Remember when Wayne H. threw all that money at Saban when he really wanted to stay at the college level. It was a disaster and this would be too. Parcell came for the money and that didn't turn out too good either.

Fire Ireland and he will come!

That's right Search This. If Ross wants Fisher that bad and that is the obstacle then you fire Ireland. If he doesn't then he is just another Huzienga making decisions with his heart and not his head.

Of course we have no idea if that is one of the things Fisher doesn't feel comfortable with because neither he, his agent, or the Dolphins will tell the fans what is going on.

In a time when you were booed at your own stadium by your fans and are losing paying customers by the boat load why would you allow a veil of secrecy to be lowered over the coaching search?

You want to get the fan base involved? THEN INVOLVE THEM!!!!!!!

There's something more going on because I can't imagine Petersen is giving this advice to Ross. Or maybe he is considering the fact he treated the media like crap in KC as well.

Good luck Mando, Parcells right to Petersen heh? Must be a delightful job.

Uh........ Armando,

This isnt breaking news, Espn beat you to it last nigt. I see you were watching too.

Anyway, offering the most money guarantees nothing. I would offer the 2nd highest amount of money just to guage how badly a guy really wants to be here.

If a guy does accept your highest offer, but, you really wasnt his first choice. That in itself could become a problem further down the road.

Hasnt this organization learned yet about guys coming to Miami to take the money and run?

Thats also a reason why we are here where we are today. Until we get someone who really knows how to evaluate incoming personnel. It will never matter who we hire as hc or how much we pay him.

This organization is still a class organization, a jewel. If the Dolphins aren't good enough for Fisher, then F&%$ him!!! Fisher is lucky I am not the owner, because if I were I wouldn't be falling all over myself to hire him like Ross is.

What a dumb statement to make Armando...."Ross won't be outbid for Fisher"....

What kind of buisnessman says that when dealing in negotiations.....

So Ross just shows his whole hand...breaks down less than 24 hours after the interview....

I'm NOT buying it.....

And neither should you....

Jeff Ireland has been a very good (but not great GM). This roster was a joke before he took it over, and now there is a lot of young talent. Add a good QB and this team could do some damage. If M. Moore keeps improving, this team can do some damage too.

Espn already reported Dolphins will outbid everyone for Fisher. Rams know this.

But just like other posters have posted, it still only raises the amount the Rams do eventually end up paying.

IMO, with the Rams having Bradford and the #2 pick, Fisher is just as good as Rams next hc. Im sure he'll at least thank the Dolphins for the extra amount he'll get paid thx to them.

Fire Ireland, and anyone who had a hand in investing a second round pick on Pat White

Forget Fisher and hire Chudzinski. Do it now.

Getting a little tired of hearing about Fisher.

Xpensive Wino, it's not just coaches who want nothing to do with Ireland. I'd venture a pretty good guess high profile FA's will not pick Miami either.

More acorn coaches & players will lead to more sub .500 seasons

WOW, just think where this franchise would have been long before now had Shula, Thomas, and Beathard never come to town?

The 1980's-90's Hurricanes would have been the only pro football team in Miami.

Based off of this it seems what we all initially feared is true, no one wants to work with Ireland.

If he is questioning the structure that seems like it's the obvious. Maybe he questions why exactly is he being pursued by Carl Peterson and not Jeff Ireland whom is the GM.

Who knows?

It looks like they fuced up again!

To me the most intriguing aspect of this negotiation is the role of Carl Peterson.

...its Peterson playing the part of the "Dolphins Representative" by meeting him on the field, escorting him to and from the meeting etc...

I'd like to do a little digging and see where Fisher & Peterson may have crossed paths in the past.

If Fisher actually views Peterson as an asset, then maybe we can land him in Miami and get rid of Ireland all in one transaction.

Happy New Year!

The media itself is far overrated. The national media is trying to convince us, the public, that the LSU-Alabama borefest is a game we really wanna see.

Let's see, 9-6 foirst game.... hmm....

I really wanna watch that again. Just need someone to wake me up when its over.


Its not only Ireland no one wants to work with. Its the idiot nutshell Ross too.

Not firing Ireland with Sparano ranks up there with the Sparano mud in the face last offseason. Ross makes Jerry Jones look like Vince Lombardi.

The one thing through all this that is ABSOLUTELY mind numbing is why Ross is sticking with Ireland.

Ok, so maybe Ireland is all to blame for the failures and I am sure he is not but what has he done that has been so SPECTACULAR that he had to stay.

Ross fuced up, he should have cleaned house and brought his boy Peterson in and built a front office and coaching staff that way. At least this way no more trifecta and guys he is comfortable working with are in control of the football side of things. If it failed so be it. But the Trifecta was a complete disaster outside 1 fluky WILDCAT offense that got them into the playoffs.

Armando.... Your last blog title was "paranoia rears it's paranoid head"......

And you told us tales of cloak and dagger proportions....to include security removing reporters from the garage area.....

Now Ross's crew is so loos lipped that the show all they're cards in one sentence.....

Which is it Armando....

Secrecy that rivals the CIA...
Unprecedented transparency....that goes to the point of begging.....

It can't be both....

And most likely it is neither...

so sad ross is letting ireland ruin this franchise, fisher would already been signed if we didnt have this clown

It's said Miami is still an attractive franchise to come and work for. That's only because of the Shula years.

If it wasnt for the Shula years, no hc candidate worth his weight in camel dung, would give more than zero thought to coming here.

When Shula left, he took the lustre of this once sparkling franchise with him.

Jeff Ireland has been a very good (but not great GM). This roster was a joke before he took it over, and now there is a lot of young talent. Add a good QB and this team could do some damage. If M. Moore keeps improving, this team can do some damage too.

Posted by: Fake GM | January 04, 2012 at 02:26 PM

Very good? That's an insult to very good GM's!

Very Good Gm's are Mickey Loomis, Kevin Colbert, Ozzie Newsome etc... Jeff Ireland isn't evn in the same universe!

How many very good GM's fail 4 straight years to address the most important position in pro sports(QB)?

How many very good GM's see their teams get progreessively worse for 3 consecutive years?

If you can name more than Jeff Ireland, I'll be impressed.


I agree somewhat the Ross has egg on his face too but it's alot easier to sell Ross then Ireland. Ross is the business man with the money who writes the checks and he can easily save face by saying I will pay you this much and stay out of your way, and you better win!

Ireland on the other hand came from Dallas with Sparano and proved to be the ultimate back stabber.

I think working for Ross who is going to pay you millions to win or be gone is not the issue. The issue is Ireland if the questioning is structure.


YOu don't know that about Ross. You're making stuff up. If you read the article pn PFT today it talks about 'Fisher having a very good feeling about Ross'. Ireland may or may not be a stumbling block right now. Again we don't know. It's all conjecture right now until we see how it all plays out.


Youre absolutely right. If fisher really wanted this job he would never have gotten back onto the hellicpter without his name signed in ink.

There was a time in Miami if a hc wanted a job the first interviewee would sign. He knows if he didnt, the 2nd guy would.

Think about this...Bowles is 2-1 as our HC.

Our Defensive unit is top 10, just as we thought it would be

Offensively we struggled with Henne, then had to insert Moore with little to no planning.

....and we still managed to win 6 games.

Maybe a complete overhaul is not what the players needed. Just a small tweak by cutting Sparano lose is all the team needed to realize their full potential.

Keep Nolan, keep Daboll, draft a QB and a top notched WR and who knows where this team will go next year?


Ireland hasn't done squat. He sat behind Parcells while he brought most of the talent this team actually has aboard. Ireland was in full control in 1 draft this past year and so far it looks like any other draft. A solid starter in Pouncey and no depth beyond that.

What has he done? ShT

You know, I was against firing Ireland, but if it means Gruden, Cowher over Fischer
go ahead and can him... Fischer will not sell tickets and merchandise or create excitement in 2012 Ross is about the $ , he is not stupid
and the money will not come with Fischer

Search This:

Agreed........and sad.

Bummer is, the Dolphins have been in the toilet for quite some time. However, in even my most pessimistic, arm chair quarterback, let's buy a banner and fly it over the stadium mindset did I ever really think a billion dollar organization like this could be run by such incompetent, out-of-touch jag offs. I was wrong.

If Ross negotiated his business deals like he runs the Dolphins, he would never have made a dime.



That's not accurate at all. Jeff Fisher is a cautious, methodical worker. He's going to explore St. Louis and any other opportunities fully before accepting the Miami job. What sense would it make to take the first offer on the table. This is all about due dilligence and poker. He's going to use ALL offers on the table before jumping at the first one that comes along. Don't read into things that just aren't there.

Well, there you and your buddies go again. And you wonder why the attempt at secrecy on Ross's part....?!
I'm sure this is great news that Ross and group wants the OTHER potential coaches the Dolphins are interested in to know. And, I'm sure they want the other teams interested in Fisher to know all of this as well.
It is interesting the NFL can fine teams for not giving you guys access to players and coaches, etc., but they can't fine u and yours for sharing with the world things that shouldn't be shared.

There is a article on yahoo sports saying the fins have the upper hand for fisher.

Time to see if this is true or not, time will tell.


The king of making stuff up!(lol) I gave my opinion idiot. Only you make stuff up and call it fact. LOL.

"Fisher having a very good feeling about Ross"?
I have a very good feeling about crossing into onrushing traffic. "Just say no!

Fisher didnt tell PFT he's going to sign with Ross. He says he has a very good feeling about him. That good feeling could also tell him to stay the fvck away, idiot! LOL

good riddens to daboll and nolan

Well that was the biggest example of false advertising since they made the movie "The Never Ending Story".

I read an Armando tweet that said Fisher would be offered a lot of money "but there are other issues" and said "here's the link".

I clicked on it and it brought me back here where it lists absolutely ZERO issues. Frustrating to say the least.

There's not a SINGLE GM out there that guys would be happy with. Jeff Ireland is just the target for 40 years of mediocrity. Most of you couldn't name half the GMs out there in the NFL today.

The question I've posed MANY times is who people want as GM and I never get a solid answer. Most of you don't even like Carl Peterson, a guy who's team's ROCKED for over a decade. It's fine to say TEd Thompson but he's not coming. There's only a small number of people who could do the GM and Ireland's one of them.

I know....most of you would rather it be Jerry Jones or Rick Spielman..... gotcha now!


The Dolphins are a team with lots of layers and people with different agendas. If you haven't figured that out by now, you haven't been paying attention.

I stand by what I'm reporting in this post and the last post. Period.


No offense but you live in NH. You probably have Sunday Ticket or watch the games at a bar which shows our beloved Dolphins. Florida fans won't be seeing much if Bowles is the coach next year. Miami has to turn the page on all of this mess. I want everyone gone including that arrogant POS Ireland.

You think staying status quo with Bowles, Matt Moore, Nolan and Daboll is really the answer?

Fisher might not be overly popular on this blog for whatever reason. But if you look at the totality of circumstances, rebuilding projects under ownership cost cutting, Vince Young and all that. He still managed to make it to playoffs 6 of his last 12 years (not including the 4 cost cutting rebuilding years when they moved to Tennesee).

Fisher is the biggest name out there for a reason. I tried to explain why he is so well respected yet no one listens and think he is way over rated. Well according to NFL people he is not and that is why he has a choice where he decides to coach because he is a very good coach!

Don't read into things that just aren't there.

Posted by: Craig M | January 04, 2012 at 02:51 PM

But, it IS there. Honestly, what or who do you think this quote was in reference to?

"But if money is secondary and he's more concerned with structure or other cards on the table, he'll end up somewhere else."

If you can't admit it's Jeff Ireland, you're in denial.

Steve G,

Let me understand, you come here to get information but you are upset I have information when you come here?

Dude, don't come here and that will solve your problem. Be nice and happy in know-nothing land.


The guy who makes stuff up and then his only comeback is to start calling people names.

Good comeback bud....we'll stick with your premise then that 'nobody wants to work with that idiot nutshell Ross'.

No point in Armando even reporting stuff when you know best....

Ireland is not a horrible GM, but if he costs us Gruden or Cowher , get rid of him and make Peterson gm/vp
Bottom line Fisher will not sell tickets,,,, no improvement over Sparano

"Its not only Ireland no one wants to work with. Its the idiot nutshell Ross too".

Is it too much to ask that eventhough you hate the organization you apparently root for that you actually be factual or at the very least objective in your posts. This just gives every Jets fan moron puke another excuse to bash our team. You say things that are false or unproven rumors and they read it and think it's real. Then they go all over the place telling anyone who will listen.

Please direct me to ONE,,,,,,JUST ONE article or quote from ANY NFL employee or player who says they will never work or play for the Dolphins because of Ross and/or Ireland. Don't look too long because there aren't any.

Maybe Ireland isn't all the problem. Maybe they want to keep Nolan and a few other inhouse coaches.

Maybe their are people in the front office Fisher does not have enough confidence in.

I think Fisher probably could work with Ireland I think the real problem might be the personnel dept and maybe Ross wanting to keep what seems to be one of our strengths in Nolans D.

Money and Ireland cant be the problem or you would not waste your time. The Rams or any of the other poorly positioned teams will give Fisher all the money he would ever want.

The Dolphins to me could be tweaked and get into the playoffs next year. A good coach and conditioning coach who demands attention to detail could go a long way.

A better story might be who would Fisher want on his staff.

Go Dolphins!!


Both you and I and EVERYBODY else doesn't quite know how Jeff Fisher feels about Jeff Ireland. I imagine part of what the meeting yesterday was about, is to determine whether Fisher can work with/get along with Ireland.

Until we hear from Jeff Fisher EXACTLY how he feels about the whole thing, everything else is pure specualtion. That's just how it is, bud.

why are we so hot to sign a coach with 6 winning seasons in 17 years?

Give Fisher 17yrs, he'll get us to a SB!

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