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GM Jeff Ireland has 'regret' over unpleasant exchange

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland and one Dolphins fan had an uncomfortable exchange at halftime of Sunday's game between the Dolphins and Raiders and the organization is trying to figure out what to do about the issue even as fans are calling a local radio station to report the matter.

According to multiple eyewitnesses who called local station The Ticket and a highly placed club source who confirmed the exchange to The Herald, the Dolphins general manager was walking through the Sun Life Stadium concourse at halftime when the incident occurred.

After visiting his wife and family in his suite, Ireland exchanged pleasantries with a couple of fans, signed autographs and took pictures with at least two other fans as he headed back to his seat where he watches the game. Before he got there another fan called him over and Ireland, believing he was about to exchange more pleasantries, found himself listening to the fan complaining about his work.

That fan complained to Ireland about what he said was his poor management of the team. And at one point that fan said to Ireland, "We need you to fire yourself."

According to everyone I've talked to including team officials, Ireland responded by using the term "a--hole" either directed at the fan or loud enough for the fan to hear as he walked away.

The Dolphins contend there was no argument between Ireland and the fan. The fan, going by the name Sean, called The Ticket and confirmed there wasn't an argument. But the fan did say,  "The sum and substance of what I suggested is that he should fire himself."

Sean told The Ticket's Eric Reid Show that Ireland patted him on the shoulder, said, "Good one," called him the epithet, and walked away.

"I don't begrude the guy for not appreciating what I had to say," Sean told the station. "I can't tell you I wouldn't respond any differently if someone said I should fire myself. By the same token, I'm not the general manager of a professional football team.

"I feel like I expressed an opinion he probably needed to hear."

A Dolphins source has a different version of the events. The team's version is that Ireland simply walked away and that as he was walking away he said "kind of out loud" the word "a--hole."

The Dolphins are expected to meet in the coming hours to decide what course of action or response the uncovering of this incident will get, the source said.

Update: Jeff Ireland just called me. The Dolphins did indeed discuss the matter internally. He told me he regrets the incident.

"It did happen at halftime and I was going back to my booth after seeing my wife and I did talk to several fans that were very nice. But as I'm walking back this guy introduces himself to me and says I should fire myself," Ireland said.

"It caught me off guard. I just turned and walked away but I did say the word. I regret I used the word I used. I thought I was using it under my breath. I guess I kind of said it loud enough that he could hear it. I literally said it under my breath. At the time I felt I handled the situation pretty good. Probably muttered it a little too loud. I regret that I said anything."

The Dolphins are planning to use Ireland's quote to me as their official statement on the matter.


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At least the fan said it to his face without makeing scene, A lot of people here would want to say the same thing.

Biggest non-story ever reported Mando. This is about as bad as you showing love to your man crush Jason Taylor on this blog when he was a Jet.

Haters gonna hate. SMH. I've just added Jeff Ireland to my man crush list for using his pimphand on this clueless fan/

I am lukewarm w/ Ireland but I think things will start to disappate w/ the "Fireland Campaign" after we beat the Jets and become a winning team using our soft schedule, at least for the next 9-10 weeks.

The fan was probably Vontae's Grandma.

This is about to get blown outta proportion. Glad the fan had balls to call him out and Ireland had the balls to curse him out

Move on, who cares about this non-story. If that fan did what he said he did then he was an A_ _ hole period. Why would you want to confront the GM at a game we are winning with a suggestion that he "fire himself". It is these type of A_ _ holes that make going to a game a pain in the butt when you have to listen and deal with drunks. People go to enjoy the came not to be bothered by some jerk!

I don't see what there is to investigate. Fan had a right to say what he said. Ireland had a right to call him an a-hole. Freedom of speech, love it or move to Afghanistan.

Come to my job and tell me to fire myself. See if you don't get a boot shoved right up YOUR a-hole.

The general manager of a professional football team is held to a higher standard. He should have just walked away without saying anything.

Anyone saying this is not a story doesn't remember this is the same guy who asked Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute. It shows how little class this guy is.


LOL, why's the GM of a football held to a higher standard? Is he holding the nuclear codes? Is he running for some government office? Does he answer to shareholders? Puhleaze!! 53 men take a field to toss a ball around and try to kill the other 53 guys on the field. I think saying "a-hole" in that environment is not only acceptable, it's necessary.

who cares. this is a non story. THIS IS A NON STORY. I SAID IT

That's pretty funny. Too bad there's no video.

I've got SERIOUS issues with Jeff Ireland. Draft strategy issues. Lack of playmaker issues. Talent recognition issues.

This is absolutely, 100% NOT an issue I have with the GM.

Ireland is pure scum. Classless and incompetent.

"Biggest non-story ever reported Mando. This is about as bad as you showing love to your man crush Jason Taylor on this blog when he was a Jet."




Are you kidding me??? This is actually a story to you??? Sounds like more Dez Bryant nonsense to me.


Maybe Ireland was wrong for asking Bryant that question but he was right when he did not take the player. If we win the SB this year there will still be people out there calling for his head. No matter what this guy does people will still want him fired. Just htink about some of the moves that he did not make that fans wanted him to make.

Bryant--good move (do we really need a player that has to have 24 hour security to protect himself from himself?)
Orton--good move
Flynn---good move
Crowder--- good move (out of football)
Marshall--look at his last game, he looked just like the Marshall we had, dropping TD passes
Davis- Ranked like #94 out of 98 for CB's this past week.

So even though Ireland has been far from perfect he has also made/not made some good moves.

This is a joke!!

Good for Jeffy!!

If that was me I would of said go FF yourself to that fan!!!

We have RB's,

I disagree bro. I even appluad Jeff for this one. F that fan. They need to know their place as the groupies some of us are lol. He had every right to call him that. He did it the right way too. Held his cool and dropped A______. No biggie IMO. Mando and the media love these non-stories. Sorry Mando love the blog and understand you're just doing your job but c'mon bro.

Why are we even talking about this?

If someone comes to my office and tells me I should fire myself... I am calling the guy an A-hole. Since when did we get so soft that a reasonable response to an unreasonable comment is an issue. I am the last one to compare Ireland to Shula, but can you imagine what would have happened to the poor guy that would have said such a thing to Shula. We would have cheered Shula for breaking the guy in half. Give Ireland a break on this one.

So they fire Chad for he said she said.
Fire Vontae for he said she said.
Fire Marshall for he said she said.

They keep Hartline for he said they said during a hit and run accident.

They keep Ireland after he verbally assaults a paying fan.

Ross is racist.

Jeff doesn't have to apologize to anyone!!

Parcells would of responded way worse than that!!

call it like you see it! great job Ireland!

Jeffy was showing some balls! Good!!

This team needs to the same!!

That sound you hear next week will be Miami crashing back down to Earth.

I woulda called him a doosh-schnozzle

I side with Ireland. The guy is an a***hole.

Hell, all Ireland had to do was read this blog. Many of us had been saying for week's "Ireland needs to man up and fire himself". Im kinda of glad he did hear it from a fan. Regardless of what his reaction was.

Fans are so frustrated Ross hasnt fired Ireland. We wished he had the balls to fire himself.


You either work at a restaurant where you are forced to wear a pirate costume like "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" or you are a flat out dork that thinks Pirates of the Carribean was made for people past 13 years old. Either way you are a clown.

as we all saw on Hard Knocks, this certainly does not seem like "acceptable" behavior (not far from what Chad, Vonte and Brandon were all accused of) and he should be let go. At least the players contributed to the team instead of continuously under performing at his job. this seems to be an issue and a pattern with Ireland - putting his foot in his mouth. I'm surprised he didn't ask if the fans mom was a prostitute!

Irescum should regret everything he does. Never ceases to amaze me WHAT A MORON HE IS!

Am I the only one here that approves of Ireland asking Bryant that prostitute question?


I disagree about the "fans should know thier place" comment you made. Fans pay good money to come to games. The frustration over Ireland's been brewing a fewing seasons now.

If Jeff Ireland wants to place it upon himself to come mingle with the fan. He more than asked for what happened Sunday. Just last year fans paid for the "Fire Ireland" banner to be flown over the stadium.

Ireland 100% asked for by mingling with fans. Everything ion Rome isnt fine with all of the fans. Jeff Ireland was fully aware of this upon emersing himself with fans. Most of the venom and disgust by dolfans is aimed at both Ross and Ireland.

Yes Mario, Ireland calling someone an a**hole is equivalent to Chad or Brandon hitting his wife....

goodelle. get his axx.

who cares... really?? this is news? I guess it beats talking about Tebow...

Am I the only one here that approves of Ireland asking Bryant that prostitute question?


I have no problems with that either. It's not like he asked Bryant for her phone number.

As for this...Who cares???

On the other hand, Mando, at least Ireland called you :)

c'mon goodelle. do 2 ire what u did 2 g. williams.

I think a bigger story are the replacement refs losing control in that game last night & awarding a fumble before the players emerged from the pile....

That fan was a ------- , I guess you don't have to live in Miami to see that. You fans down there are a joke! Go phins , the real fans support you!

WHRB, right on. Those refs this week were embarrassing.

Ireland should've been fired over the Dez Bryant debacle.

We have RBs, couldn't care about this in the least. The guy who asked that question is probably going around feeling like a champ. He's probably on cloud 9. Congrats to him for being drunk enough to have the balls to ask that question but he just ruined any chance of the fans being able to interact with Ireland again. The football culture is full of cursing, manhood, and fighting....so why does it matter that he said this to a fan that deserved the reaction? It's not acceptable if he prances around and does that but in this situation I could care less

refs are garbagio


I hear you that fans pay good money but to me if you are not satisfied with the players brought in why are you there? Ireland has done a bang up job IMO as well. He has a few promising players to save his a** in the bag with Pouncey, Lamar Miller, Martin and of course the player who better show he has "IT" in Tannehill but Ireland is a human being who is allowed to defend himself. If someone says something to you no matter where you work that you should fire yourself you are not going to just laugh it off.

If Ireland walked away and said nothing he's a p**sy. If he says something he's a jerk. I'd much rather be the jerk then the former.

Ireland was out of line with Dez. That's an unacceptable approach IMO. But he had the right answer for this fan.

really what a dont care story.......ross ireland joined at the hip......getf.....over it...stop cryin dont care....what i do care about....my friggin beer lot colder this week since my phins put a friggin beat down on oak town....move on all the ireland cry babies.. tuna killed this team

i luv these refs, they let the db's push the diva wr's around after 5 yds. go get'm scabs.
scabs #1.
scabs #1.

Seriously? A grown up saying grown up words to some Ahole? Someone should either report actual news or fire himself (j/k you're the best Armando)

Haven't read any of the fan posts yet because I wanted to give my thoughts on the matter first.

GOOD FOR JEFF. I don't have a lot of faith in Ireland as of right now and I think he's made some questionable moves. That opinion is shared by many.

But in the same sense can we all grow up for a minute? The guy is doing a job and good or bad he is trying. He is not purposely trying to hurt the team, he more than anyone else involved wants this team to be successful, his career largely depends on it.

Telling someone they should fire themselves? How old are you, 12? He could have debated some of his questionable moves, he could have asked for some answers. But no, he goes all grade school on the guy. It's completely disrespectful and uncalled for. He called him over under false pretenses, with a smile, and then stabbed him in the back. It's a pu%&y move and I hope other people call the fan out for it.

Jeff should not be apologizing and I hope others agree. The fan should apologize for being a stupid a%$hole. Jeff was simply pointing out the obvious.

Fans are so frustrated Ross hasnt fired Ireland. We wished he had the balls to fire himself.
Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 18, 2012 at 01:35 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/09/dolphins-gm-jeff-ireland-and-fan-have-unpleasant-exchange.html#storylink=cpy

More frustrating are all the cry baby, fair weather fans on these blogs. ;)

Yup, I would have called him a A----hole too!

Armando is an idiot for putting this story out.

We finally get a win. Some positivity that this team desperately needed and Armando takes us back to the negative limelight.

This isn't even news. Ireland called an a-hole an a-hole. Grow up Armando.

DC AT 1:12, LOVE THE POST. Well put.

Ireland was out of line for asking a multi-million dollar investment a valid question?

How many draftees get asked if they do drugs, if they have any sort of education, if they've ever comitted a crime, or to describe the neighborhood they've grown up in. Bryant overreacted like the immature scum he is. You can bash Ireland for a ton of things, that isn't one of em'; that's Bryant being full of himself

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