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A Million Lousy Sentences

So remember when James Frey wrote a truly dreadful book and lots of people bought it anyway, because for some reason his drug-fueled imaginings became trendy thanks to Oprah Winfrey, who picked it as her book club book back when she was still choosing living authors? And then she got really mad and shamed him on national TV? When what she should have been ashamed of was thinking that book was worthwhile in the first place? And then Frey's publisher, Random House, offered money back to aFreyngry readers?

Well, on Friday a judge approved a settlement for the presumably angry hordes, but it turns out, according to the Associated Press, that only 1,729 people demanded their money back. That's it? After that book sat on the bestseller list for what felt like years? I wanted my money back, and I got the book for free.

Still, what's more frightening: That "A Million Little Pieces" sold more than 90,000 copies after the Oprah controversy, or that Frey has a new book coming out next summer?


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