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Children and Men

Warning: This post has very little to do with books.

I see that People magazine has named Matt Damon "Sexiest Man Alive." Now, I like Matt Damon. I like his movies for the most part, and the fact that he won an Oscar for his first screenplay is impressive.* And he's a nice-looking guy, no doubt about it.

Clivearmor_3 But how does he rate Sexiest Man Alive when this guy over to the left is walking the earth?

To be fair, People did include a photo of Clive Owen in the Other Guys Who Look Nothing Like the Ones You Know category, one so smoking hot it scorched my hands in the Publix checkout line. It was so good I never got to see who else was included except for Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, nominations I fully support.

Owen's best film: the brilliant apocalyptic nightmare Children of Men, based - and when I say based, I mean loosely based, so loosely it's another thing entirely - on P.D. James' novel about a future world where mankind is threatened by a fertility crisis.**

* vaguely book and/or writing related comment

** another one


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Jill Cassidy

Russell Crowe? No thanks. He's, I don't know exactly. Puffy? Not happening. But the Clive Owen of Love is something else entirely. He brings the hot. Children of Men ruled, even though I thought the ending was unsatisfactory. Now I will show off my literary acumen: The film of The Ruins is bound to be a masterpiece, no?

Ellen Kanner

Matt, darling, we do love you and think it's fab you married a local girl, but face it -- Clive's got it all over you when it comes to smolder. And vulnerability. You wouldn't think the two would go well together, but they do. Which is why Clive Owen would be spectacular as Edward in a film version of Ian McEwan's On Chesil Beach.* Call me, Clive. We'll talk.

* literary reference


I hate to say this, but I think he may be too old to be Edward...not that I wouldn't go to see that anyway...


One more thing: I saw Inside Man over the weekend...it was a good movie but...why did Clive Owen have to wear a mask for much of the movie!!?

Cindy S.

You're so very right!! Clive Owen is WAY sexier than Matt Damon. And Children of Men is FANTASTIC. What were these people thinking?!?!?! And my, what good taste you have:)


The weird thing about Children of Men (the movie) is how different it is from P.D. James' book, which I read years and years ago...I have to say Cuaron really put his mark on the movie.

And Clive, well, Clive was just great.

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