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Ira Levin, R.I.P.

The Associated Press reports that Ira Levin died Monday after a heart attack. Levin was the author of the bestselling Rosemary's Baby and The Boys from Brazil, and he has left us an excellent cultural reference with his satiric novel The Stepford Wives, a novel not nearly as vapid as the most recent film version.

Am I wrong, or did Boys from Brazil have Dobermans in it? Or am I just thinking of the movie? Both had Snarly Nazis, so it stands to reason...Nazis did almost as much nasty PR for dobies as those ridiculous movies in the 70s in which bad guys used Dobermans to rob banks. Let me tell you how much this would never happen, even if moldy rotten sausages were involved.

But back to Mr. Levin. He also won an Edgar Award in 1953 for A Kiss Before Dying and wrote the play Deathtrap, a Broadway hit back in the late '70s.


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Phoebe Flowers

Mr. Snarly Face is an aggressive killer. In fact, he is a born killer and a known biter. Known!


Dobermans eat Gregory Peck at the end...but he deserved it...


Dobermans eat Gregory Peck? Wow. I really need to rent that movie again, if dobies triumph over Nazis.

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