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Poetry corner

Roses are orange

Violets are blue

FSU stinksTebow_4

But really, what's new?

Brought to you by the Give Tim Tebow the Damned Heisman Committee.


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Jill Cassidy

This post would be a lot more sophisticated if it were a haiku.

Phoebe Flowers



Someone should write a book about how you do not guarantee someone is "going down" before a game and then sneak out without comment AFTER the game when you get your ass waxed. Can i write "ass" here? It is a biblical term


Think we'll see a FLA-Illinois bowl game? Tebow can't keep up with Juice!


I would love to see a Florida/Illinois game!!! Actually I think Ron Zook is great...and I love 'em for beating Ohio State (somebody had to do it, the Gators did it twice last year...!) They're saying down here there's a good chance...I would even drive to Tampa or Orlando to see that one...

Illinois is going down, though, provided Tebow's broken hand heals...


does anyone have tickets for the sec championship game? i just love watching florida play. what? what? the defending national champions didn't even win their HALF of the sec? but don't they have the nation's best player? who's their coach, ron zook?

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