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Zombies ate my neighbors

Max Brooks is the "Studs Terkel of zombie journalism."  At least according to one of the blurbs on his book World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.

Wwz And apparently it's true. I've now had it confirmed that this book - a compilation of "interviews" with survivors of the zombie armaggedon - is "the greatest book in the history of the English language" by a source other than my brother. I can't believe it's been out in paperback a few months, and I haven't managed to lay my hands on it yet. (Brooks, for the record, is also the author of The Zombie Survival Guide, so clearly he knows his way around the undead and could probably intelligently and at length debate the merits of the George Romero Dawn of the Dead vs. the newer version that comes complete with Ving Rhames and Michael Johnson speedy zombies.)

Now I'm pretty sure if you are labeled the Studs Terkel of zombie journalism, you can die happy, knowing you have accomplished all that's necessary in life.


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The Zombie Survival Guide is more of a reference book....


I got this book for my friend from Az. for Christmas, and she has not stopped raving about it!

In the reference book: does he address anywhere the question of whether a zombie really COULD beat up a shark?

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