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Peace on earth, especially for book editors

Between the Covers takes what it feels to be (but probably isn't) a well deserved holiday break. I will be Img00118 back at work on Wednesday, however, blathering incoherently about books, dogs and the necessity of haiku in our lives.

In the meantime, as a wise man once sang: Feliz Navidogs!


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it never rains in the peace garden state

Isn't she just the most precious Christmas angel dog EVER??!!

Brett Bayne

Is that a dog or a marshmallow??!


This is, in fact, a dog! Not one of mine, but a dog nonetheless...

Brett Bayne

I wonder if we would even recognize that "dog" if we sheared it for the summer, like a sheep. It would be very funny to see.

Brett Bayne

I check the photo of this animal several times a day to see if it has, in fact, melted yet.

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