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Nice job by Cormac McCarthy...

...writing that book that was adapted into that movie that won the Oscar.Javier

OK, now that we've got that obligatory book reference over with, I have to say that my TiVo exploded in flames last night. Every time Javier Bardem appeared a little smoke came out. And then when he won best supporting actor and got up for his acceptance speech, the whole contraption caught fire. That's how smoking hot he is.

And I have to say that Katherine Heigl's dress - which we all know is the most important thing about the Oscars, and if you don't believe me, go check out gofugyourself.com and the geniuses who write that will agree - was the most spectacular. She looked fabulous!


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Brett Bayne

Eh, my TiVo survived Javier. I suspect that a lot of the Spanish he said in his speech are bad words he sneaked past the censors!


I suspect you were more interested in Katherine Heigl.

Phoebe Flowers

Flegh, hated tomato-red color of Katherine Heigl's dress. But, seriously, the woman can wear anything.

Meanwhile, you know that among many other publications, Jessica and Heather (of GFY) have a feature in The USA Today? And that said feature defines "fug" in some adorably "family-friendly" way, like, "that stands for frightfully ugly!"

I hate USA Today. Particularly certain members of its staff.


Frightfully ugly? Awesome! I think this means I can use it in reviews and stories now.

That is the lamest of the lame.

I loved that dress. I must disagree. JGarner looked good exceptfor her hair. And on a scale of 1 to 10, just how many trips to the bar had Cameron Diaz made by the time she had to present whatever it was she was presenting!

Phoebe Flowers

That's because you like, and can wear, that color. Possibly because you are a freak.

Jennifer Garner's hair was probably my favorite part about how she looked. You are wrong, wrong, wrongface.

Meanwhile, Keri Russell's dress was like a PSA for what not to wear when you're lactating.


Red heads don't wear red, for heaven's sake. At least not this one.


I might add: Natural redheads don't wear red....

Phoebe Flowers

AHEM. Thank you, Amy.


Well, at least I don't go to the Oscars and throw my hair up in a ponytail drunkenly like CDiaz!


yeah, but you probably would if you could.


I would at least wear a dress that didn't look like it needed to be ironed. Javier Bardem and George Clooney are there, for heaven's sake.

Also would not wear a crotchshot dress like Diablo Cody. We GET that you used to be a stripper (or so you say). But test drive that thing before you try to walk around in it.


And for the record the gofugyourself girls liked Anne Hathaway's red dress better than KHeigl's! There is no way! Ihated that damned ruffle.

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