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You knew it was coming...even if it makes you mad

OprahIn what can only be called an inevitable bit of news, AP reports that Oprah's latest book pick - the self-help book A New Earth by Eckart Tolle - has already sold 3.5 million copies, four weeks after the talk show host touted it as her latest book club selection.

AP says that this is a record shipment for publisher Penguin (and Penguin published Eat Pray Love, which wasn't exactly a slow seller in paperback). The story also says it's the fastest-selling Oprah pick Barnes & Noble has ever had and has topped the amazon.com charts since it was chosen.

I don't know how to respond to this except to utter a huge sigh. It's like hearing how well the latest reality TV shows are doing.


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Brett Bayne

Remember that classic from the Onion?


That always made me chuckle.


Oh, that's CLASSIC. You have to love The Onion!


You think Oprah will pick the unauthorized biography coming out on her life? If not, I WILL!


OK, Lesley, your assignment is to send us juicy bits from the unauthorized Oprah bio.

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