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Tonight we ride; we're heading west

Flag_3 Between the Covers will be taking a brief - far too brief, if you ask me - hiatus while its author goes here.

And here: Can3


And here:

I'll be back April 1! Come back prepared to talk books then...


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Looks gorgeous. Do you need an assistant to come travel along?

Jill Cassidy

Can you carry a pack and cook us dinner? If so, you're hired. Also, must not mind sleeping on the ground in 20-degree weather. I know, I know, quit trying to make it sound so glamorous.


So long as the pack has my iPod, a Stouffers lasagna and a mini microwave and a key to a room at the nearest lodge I'll be fine!


Also must be willing to forego hot showers.


have the time of your lives!!!!!


please tell jill that maine has many adventurous places. i, for one, have been thinking that renting a rustic cabin at baxter state park, preferably on chimney pond, would be be fab. just think of all the books we could bring and discuss! i say, who's game for a women's week? we have too book a few years in advance, so please let me now. I'd be happy to coordinate...........


sorry for the typo in "too book a few years in advance," but, hey, at least I caught it qicly. Kidding! Quickly. So, hey, you book chicks out there, come to Maine! 2009? Sounds good to me.

Brett Bayne

Don't fall off the Skywalk.

Rene Rodriguez

Have a great vacation! And just so you don't forget movies altogether while you're out there in the middle of the desolate wilderness - miles away from civilization and all- I leave you with these two words: Wolf Creek.

Jill Cassidy

Amy: Is there wine in Maine?
Rene: We almost rescheduled our trip so we could be out when The Ruins opens. Because you know nothing amuses us more than watching people who are even bigger knuckleheads than us go on a trip.

Don't Hate me Cause I'm an FSU mom

Are there showers at the rustic cabin in Maine? (I'd even forgo a blow dryer.) If so, count me in.

Don't Hate me Cause I'm an FSU mom

Are there showers at the rustic cabin in Maine? (I'd even forgo a blow dryer.) If so, count me in.


Looks like bear country to me...


We DEFINITELY have wine in Maine. Showers and bears, too.

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