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I'm a snob, and I shouldn't be

Valerie I don't know why I would be surprised by this revelation, but I am: St. Pete Times writer Piper Castillo, in her "What's on  Your Nightstand?" feature, asks former actress on the sitcom One Day at a Time and current author Valerie Bertinelli what she looks for in a book. Bertinelli says: "I always enjoy a bit of humor in drama. And, if you really are into fiction you can't go without Margaret Atwood. I know I can always rely on her."Oneday_2

I'm always delighted to find a fellow Atwood fan. Sorry, Valerie, that I doubted your ability to be a serious reader. If you haven't read The Blind Assassin, don't miss it!

Bertinelli's book, Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time, hit no. 8 on the NY Times bestseller list last week. The author is also a Jenny Craig spokesperson. And for the record, as a kid I always liked One Day at a Time.


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I want to read Valerie's book, too, at some point. I've heard good things about it and I saw every episode of One Day at a Time throughout its full run -- and into repeats. Curiously, tho, I found it didn't age well on DVD. I made it through a handful of old episodes on Season One and it was getting on my nerves. And I have a high tolerance for nostalgia. Still, I want to eventually read Val's book.


Yeah, I wouldn't want to watch that show now...but I liked it at the time, mostly because I liked Valerie Bertinelli!


Bonnie Franklin was cool too, a realistic divorced mom. Coming from a broken home I related to her character, a single mom having to work to support her kids. We didn't have a creepy stalker-like building superintendant popping into our apt on Miami Beach all the time tho. I did have the Elton John picture from "Caribou" LP that Valerie's character had on her wall that first couple of seasons tho! Alas, temperment wise, I had the big mouth of the Julie/Mackenzie Phillips character moreso than the sweet Barbara/Bertinelli.


Seriously, how fast would the mom have had a restraining order on Schneider in real life? I would've Tasered that jerk.

I always wanted Valerie Bertinelli's straight hair!

Brett Bayne

Valerie's book was one hell of an entertaining read. Naturally, I enjoyed in via Audio CD, and she did a great job narrating her own book. I wish there'd been more in there about Schneider, but you can't have everything!

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