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Life after the shelter

Shelter Just in time for May Day: Mutts Shelter Stories, a collection of Patrick McDonnell's adorable comics - the ones touting the adoption of shelter pets. Interspersed with McDonnell's terrific cartoons -which sadly do not run in The Miami Herald, but should - are photos of former shelter pets who have now found happy homes, sent in by their owners. We're talking dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, birds and even a ferret. We are partial to dogs here at Between the Covers, but the kitty photos really are adorable.

There's even a nice intro by Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States; McDonnell is a member of the national board of directors for that organization and The Fund for Animals.

Remember: only idiots support puppy mills. Don't believe me? Ask Patrick McDonnell. Yesh.


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Bless you for your concern for our furred friends.

can't fight this feeling anymore

I love the Mutts comics. They're very sweet and funny and fully capture the joy and hilarity of having pets!


Got a nice email this morning from the owner (or, if you prefer, mama) of Lance, a gorgeous kitty featured in Shelter Stories. She's eagerly awaiting her ordered copy of the book...I think she's going to be very happy with the photo!

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