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R.I.P., Mr. Adams

Adamscd I DID IT! I DID IT! I finally finished the John Adams audiobook today. More fitting, perhaps, if I'd finished listening on July 4 - and believe me, a few times I thought it was going to take precisely that long - but I will settle for completing it on Memorial Day.

As everyone knows, it's a brilliant book. Just terrific. I'm so happy to have read - or at least listened - to it. It's so good it has made me want to tackle David McCullough's Truman next, although some have suggested I read the Alexander Hamilton bio, which makes sense, as he plays such a large role in Adams.

Will leave you on this Memorial Day with something Adams once wrote to his friend Francis van der Kemp:

"Griefs upon griefs! Disappointments upon disappointments. What then? This is a gay, merry world notwithstanding."


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Jill Cassidy

Thank you for blogging on the holiday so the rest of us who are working on the holiday have a little something interesting to read during our mental coffee break. I'm definitely going to pick up this book.


You will NOT be sorry you read it. Now I liked 1776 too but this is a lot meatier, and it's well written. I wish I 'd had time to actually read it as opposed to listening to it, but that's what I had time for!

Yes, we are all sad, those of us who work on the holidays...


Do get Chernow's book on Hamilton...They (Hamilton and anything by McCullough) are history books that do not scrimp on scholarship and read like novels...The Founding Fathers were all pretty interesting characters. I am fond of pointing out to people with less than basic knowledge of history that the former Vice President shot ant killed the former Sec of the Treasury in a duel...


I know. And then went right back to work as VP. Of course, our current VP did nail that old guy in the face and HE went back to work...


Interestingly, our spam filter would not let me use the verb to shoot in the sentence about our current VP. THAT is considered spam, apparently!

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