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A welcome respite from sentimentality

Edgar I'm intrigued by Amy Driscoll's review of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. David Wroblewski's big fat debut novel, which also earned a starred review in Publisher's Weekly, does involve dogs that can wordlessly communicate with humans, and you know how I am about dog stories...but her assertion that the book - about a family that breeds a special sort of canine - is not sloppily sentimental is somewhat reassuring.

PWeekly calls it "a literary thriller with commercial legs." At 500 plus pages, though, I'm thinking maybe this is not the one to lug across the country with me on vacation. Maybe when I get back I'll have time to enjoy it.


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I have read good things about this elsewhere, too. Could it possibly be one of those long, wonderful novels that you wish would never end? It's been a while since I've read one of those...


I love getting a big fat book that I can really get into.What I don't like are the ones that are big and fat unnecessarily...


The book, btw, made the NY Times bestseller list this week...heartening.

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