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Get off the couch and into the pool

Good news for all you slackers who say you're too old to get in shape (or maybe it's bad news...I'm not sure): W. Hodding Carter says you don't necessarily have to lose muscle mass as you get older. (Of course, you have to get off the couch to keep it. And step away from the Doritos.) He Hodding should know: the 40something competitive swimmer and author of Off the Deep End has been training for the Olympics.

I didn't make his reading last night at Books & Books, but spy reports indicate it was another good one and that former swimmers were in abundance in the audience. Carter, who was introduced by former Olympic swimmer Gary Hall, Sr. says his book isn't so much about swimming as it is having a goal and sticking to it.

Herald writer Howard Cohen did a nice piece on Carter earlier this week; click here to check it out.


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