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Shawnie came home with a mission

Colvin I love Shawn Colvin; I really do. I love her versions of Steve Album_2 Earle's plaintive Someday and Bob Dylan's classic You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go and the late, great Warren Zevon's Tenderness on the Block. I think her CD Whole New You is one of the most underrated albums by a singer-songwriter, and I was happy she won a Grammy - not that Grammys matter at ALL anymore - for A Few Small Repairs and its song Sunny Came Home.

So you might think I would thrill to the news she's writing - you guessed it - a memoir, entitled A Few Small Repairs, due to be published by HarperCollins sometime in 2009.

What I wish though is she'd work on a follow-up to These Four Walls, which came out way back in 2006. Shawn! Sing for us! Please!


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just sayin

as my friends in texas like to say: i love me some shawn colvin. i totally missed that 2006 cd you mention. maybe i can get someone to burn it for me...

you ever see her live? she curses like she works in a newsroom. makes her all the more adorable.


Hate to be rude (actually, I don't) but, uh, what has she got to say that would make for an interesting memoir? It's not like she has had THAT interesting, or that long of, a musical career, let alone high profile life we're all jonesing to learn more about.


I've only seen her live once, at a show in West Palm with Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dar Williams and Patty Griffin (whom I love more than life itself). GREAT show. They played songs in a round robin style and ended the whole thing with "I Want it That Way" It was one of the best concert moments I've seen! But never seen her by herself, sadly.

As for the contents of her memoir, this is more of a personal type thing. Divorce, having a kid late in life...not a Madonna "I slept with Britney Spears and JFK's Ghost" kinda thing. I doubt it's destined to be a bestseller. It's kind of interesting that HarperCollins is publishing it at all. Probably a small run aimed at her fans.

just sayin

i saw her solo twice, once in austin and once at the house of blues at downtown disney, which is actually a very excellent place to see a show of this ilk. (indigo girls were great there too.) anyway, the disney show was right after she had her kid and she told a very funny story about slipping breast milk into her husband's coffee one morning.

she spun a lot of tales like that during that show. just interesting observations about her life, having a kid, all those things you mentioned. she's a good story teller and has a comic's timing and vocabulary for that matter. plus she's cute as a button.

i think a memoir might be interesting. she's a storyteller. plus, i for one could do without another in the long line of "i slept with jfk's ghost while snorting coke and shooting heroin and giving mick fleetwood head." type memoirs.

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