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The loom of fate, she is a tough mistress

Wanted_5  This is what I want to do every time I try to find one of my movie reviews on The Miami Herald website and fail. EVERY WEEK. But alas, I lack an arsenal.

Fortunately they do not lack weapons in the very silly movie Wanted, a Matrix wannabe that was adapted from comic books by Mark Millar, so it doesn't exactly count as being adapted from a book, but close enough. It's kind of entertaining but...silly. You can read my review here and decide for yourself if it would be worth ten bucks.

A disclaimer: I do remember Angelina Jolie took a serious role in A Mighty Heart, but besides that she seems to favor this sort of action-figure character. What the hell. She's got the lack of body fat to do it.


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Jill Cassidy

I love that you can slag your own Web site. I would probably get, um, bought out if I did that.

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