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Will gas prices kill author tours?

Gas The folks over at PublishersWeekly.com asked an intriguing question in a recent story: Will rising gas prices affect in-store author appearances, which is often the "bread and butter" (or so the story says) of the independent bookstore?

One would imagine it would not affect appearances virtually guaranteed to draw a crowd - say, the upcoming Salman Rushdie event for Books & Books - but what about the lesser known authors? Will publishing houses still be willing to send debut authors around the country? Will they merely travel regionally - or not at all?

It would be a shame; I have never been disappointed with any author event I've ever attended. I'd hate to see them fall victim to the same thing that's plaguing us all. (Isn't the $2.33 for regular gas, as seen over here on the right, positively quaint? I paid $4.09 the other day and was thrilled, as every other place nearby was $4.15)


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