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Bet on "Beedle"

Anyone in desperate need of a J.K. Rowling fix can pre-order one over at amazon.com. The website is offering a $100 Collector's Edition of Rowling's The Tale of Beedle the Bard, a collection of stories that was referenced in the final Harry Potter book.

Beedle Your hundred bucks gets you bonded leather binding, special metalwork and replica gemstones; a special book-within-a-book designed case and signed book bag; and 10 illustrations by Rowling that aren't in the basic edition of the book (a more affordable $12.99). And if you're nervous about spending that much money on a book, rest assured it's for a good cause. Beedle is being published by The Children's High Level Group, a European children's charity, and net proceeds will be donated to the organization.

Beedle is available on Dec. 4


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