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Like the truth, Mulder and Scully are still out there

Xf2_2 I know it's not book-related, but hey! It's The X-Files, one of the best slices of pop culture ever. New movie opens Friday; read my review of the new movie (which has nothing to do with the alien invasion, so it's easily understandable), and you will see that I had reservations but was clearly giddy over seeing M&S on screen again. Though the question must be asked: Didn't Chris Carter wait a little TOO long for this?I would've been lot more excited six or seven or eight years ago.

Poster_2 Should you care to invest a few moments in utter nerdery, you can read my waltz down XF monster memory lane. Some newspaper writers expose corruption and win Pulitzers. I can discuss - at length and with passion - the hideous creatures that appeared on a 1990s sci-fi show. Whom would you rather meet in a dark sewer, Flukeman or the Peacock family? That Flukeman thing...I could've lived without that.


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just sayin

scully and mulder on the big screen! not even a too-little, too-late movie could stop me from paying to see those two canoodle.

here is to hoping this movie does big enough for them to make another sequel, hopefully sooner. carter wants that, but he needs to take some turn-around time lesson from the star trek people.

the monsters story was a delightful read, btw. nerdery is highly underrated.


I'm not sure I could be nerdier if I tried. Unless maybe Joss Whedon made a Buffy movie.

Joe Moore

I was a fan of the X-Files from the first episode. By season 2, my family was right beside me every Friday night. I was and still am a fan. All it takes are a few notes of that haunting theme music and I'm ready to join Scully and Mulder and head back "out there" to find the truth.

Jill Cassidy

Now, if Buffy, Scully and Mulder teamed up to battle the forces of evil, that would be nerd nirvana. I win!


X-Files huh? Please tell me more about the '70s.


Well, sure, '90s TV isn't as groundbreaking as TV now, what with Your Mama Don't Dance and Rock of Love and Shot of Love and Denise Richard: It's Complicated and Keeping Up with the Kardashians and other such fine fare. I mean, who cares about excellent storytelling, intelligence, mystery and humor? We can watch any of the 4,000 CSI spinoffs and not worry about any of that.

I mean how can any of that top Darin Morgan's episode of genius, Jose Chung's From Outer Space? Which, for the record, I just watched again after years and years, and it still holds up, is still hilarious and smart and self-aware. Plus: Jesse Ventura as a an in black! Tila Tequila never had THAT on her show.


Don't talk about Rock of Love like that!

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