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Do we really hate us?

Well, yes. We do.

Hate_2 We hate idiots who drive slowly in the left lane. Celebrities. Politicians (a lot). People who run into you because they have to constantly check their BlackBerries because, God knows, the "LOL" text message they're getting is more important than watching where they're going.

Dick Meyer, formerly of CBS and now head of digital media for NPR, knows all this. People constantly write to him about their gripes about modern American life, and there seem to be an infinite number of them. So Meyer wrote Why We Hate Us: American Discontent in the New Millennium, a cranky, funny, insightful book about our self-loathing and why it exists. He also offers some suggestions on how to be, you know, happy.

Click right here to read my interview with him. And remember, if you're going 40? GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE.


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BlackBerry Queen

I NEVER run into people while I'm texting and walking -- or driving, for that matter. Though I do hate people who say "LOL."


SO what is it you hate? (As you can see, much of my personal ire is directed at people going 35 mph in the left lane on I-95.) Everybody has SOMETHING...


If you're not doing at least 40, get off the road period and walk. You clearly have no interest in getting where you are going in a reasonable time.
Other things worth hating (not counting certain people):

Our celebrity obsession. Who cares what Brangelina's babies look like? They look like any other babies and yet People magazine paid $12 million to run photos of them and our culture ran to buy the damned magazine.

Stupid bureacracy. Too many examples to cite but Rudy Crew probably abuses them all.

The old standbys: Rude people. Waiting in line.

Having to type in a text code hidden in gray muck I can barely see through just to post a comment on this or any other blog.


Excellent gripes.

Right now I am especially hating politicans, because I am working at home and have been interrupted - twice while doing a phone interview - by idiotic campaign ads. I'm not voting for ANYONE who called me. (One of these ads involves someone imitating Nixon, for God's sake...people! It's 2008!)


Also, I have something new: Idiots who play their car stereos too loud. My neighbor is doing this right now, while he cleans out his car (or something) and he's playing really loud, generic dance music that's all synthesized voices and music and not one remotely interesting note. Thank you, Y-100. Dude. I don't want to hear your pablum. If you're going to blare music loud at least make it something interesting. Try some BT.

Jill Cassidy

I intensely dislike women who talk on their cellphones when they are using a public restroom. And I am talking about while they actually are on the can.


Is that more or less annoying than when someone comes into the bathroom and there are 10 open stalls but they pick the one right next to you?

Jill Cassidy

That crosses the line from "annoying" to "possibly pathological." Also, I am waiting for someone to post here that their pet peeve is that when they are talking on the phone in the can, someone else flushes the toilet three times in a row.


I hate it when I am using the phone in a public restroom and someone in the stall right next to me flushes the toilet three times in a row.


This happened: How about if you're in a public restroom and it's clear it's just you and one other person in there and the other person in the stall breaks wind cuz, you know, it happens, and then they apologize for it, clearly directing their apology toward you. What can possibly be the correct response?! Do you ignore it and, if so, are you being rude? Do you respond with something pithy like: "No problem dude, I can top that."


We need to get Miss Manners on the case immediately!

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