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The saddest words in the English language, courtesy of Lynn Johnston

Better When I read Saturday's For Better or For Worse comic strip in The Herald - and artist Lynn Johnston's gracious note at the bottom of it - I wanted to WEEP.

"This concludes my story...with grateful thanks to everyone who has made this all possible," she writes.

No. NO! It can't be ending, can it? But it is. Johnston is concluding her popular strip about the Patterson family, which started in 1979 and was novel for the fact that the characters aged in real time. Hence we end with little Michael as a married dad with two kids of his own and baby Elizabeth completing her own nuptials after realizing that Anthony was the one for her. (I'm relieved she dumped the bad boy helicopter pilot, frankly.) I'd just love to know what's ahead for April. Will she grow up to be a vet? Will she throw it all away to get the band back together?

We won't know, because Johnston has earned a break. But my morning paper won't quite hold the same allure anymore, I have to admit. Still: thanks for the memories, Ms. Johnston.


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An important P.S. - On Sunday Johnston provided a brief synopsis of the futures of all the Pattersons, and April DOES become a vet! Hurray! SO glad to know all that...


If you missed Monday's story on why Johnston is doing what she's doing: http://www.miamiherald.com/entertainment/story/664792.html

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