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What are you reading now?

Monica "I've just finished A Way of Life, Like Any Other by Darcy O'Brien. I picked up this book after flipping, in the bookstore, to random sentences throughout. They all managed to take my breath away. Mordantly funny yet deeply empathetic and humane, O'Brien's slim novel of mid-century Hollywood entertains and enlarges.''

author of The Answer is Always Yes


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Alex S.

I'm still in Michael Connelly land! Finishing up Angels Flight.


Those books must be fun to read one after the other. I started them too early, so I could only read the first three and then had to wait a year for The Last Coyote!

Alex S.

I'm glad I'm reading them in order...Connelly doesn't really spend too much time reintroducing characters, like Kiz and Jerry Edgar. Not that you lose anything from reading them independently, but you pick up on a lot of little things by reading them all consecutively.

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