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Alan Alda a hit at Temple Judea

Alda_2 "My problem," Alan Alda said, "is I have to make jokes."

Isn't it great when someone's affliction turns out to be a boon for the rest of us? Alda was hilarious Tuesday night at Temple Judea at an event for Books & Books, where he talked about his book Things I Overheard While Talking To Myself, which combines biographical stories, speeches he's given in the past and his quest for discovering what constitutes a meaningful life.

Pay attention to the present moment, he suggested. Good advice, especially since most of the moments at the temple were full of laughter, and don't we all need more of that? Alda's a natural and gifted comedian, and his stage roots were apparent as he spoke to the capacity crowd about science, his brush with death, M*A*S*H* and the effects of celebrity. Turns out he's not immune to goofy fandom either: He told of meeting Liv Ullman in a parking lot outside a Chinese restaurant and being unable to hear what she was saying because he was so taken with her. "We're standing by the exhaust fans and it smells of rancid oil," but all he's smelling is the newly mown hay he'd seen her running through in movies (and his imagination).

His talk was entertaining and chatty and funny, but Alda was at his best in a short question and answer period, as he walked around the audience handing out his microphone (always a dangerous business - people simply can't stop themselves from being random and pointless). Here's what we learned: People still come up to him and say they loved the film Same Time Next Year and that "It's my life story." He's baffled. "It's a movie about two people having an adulterous affair for 25 years. Why would you tell a stranger that?"

Debate_2 One audience member asked him about playing Republican Arnold Vinick on NBC's The West Wing, an experience Alda enjoyed, he said, because the writers made the character real, not just a straw man for the Democratic characters to knock down. But one thing still puzzles him. "People always say, 'It must have been so hard to play a Republican,' " he says. "But nobody ever asked me that when I played an axe murderer."Josh


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Alan was a total delight. His ease with multiple topics, his sense of humorvand obvious compassion made for a wonderful Tuesday night treat. I loved the story he told of "being in the present" even at a painful time in an airplane lavatory in which he caught his finger in a door and the pain was so bad the only thing that alleviated it was his practice of mindfulness and being in the now. "Suddenly the pain went away when I became aware of everything, unfortunately there was the smell." Hilarious if you were there. Thanks again, Books & Books for consistently bringing us these great nights of entertainment and you too Connie for reporting on it.


West Wing: great show or the greatest show?


I'm not sure I can put it above The Wire, but it's definitely up there at the top.

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