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Are American writers too stupid to win a Nobel Prize?

Seems like one of the judges thinks so: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D93H89QO0&show_article=1


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I guess I'm too ignorant and insular to know this, but who are all these brilliant European authors? And what works of are have they created?


See, that's your problem, you are just a stupid American reader with your stupid American books. I mean, please don't tell me people like Philip Roth and Toni Morrison and Don DeLillo deserve notice!

But seriously. Why would you even SAY anything like this? I'm no kneejerk flagwaver, but it's so ludicrous. Please note he also by omission is dismissing the works of Latin American authors, because, you know, Europe is the center of the literary world.

And in case anybody is unclear on it: if you think France and England don't have serious problems with the way they treat their immigrant communities, you are not paying attention.

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