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Don't miss "When Will There Be Good News?"

Kate I promised a full-length review of Kate Atkinson's When Will There Be Good News? and here it is. I've been debating calling it better than Case Histories, the first Jackson Brodie novel, but maybe that's going a little far. But if you liked CH, check out this one ASAP.

Rumor has it this novel ends the trilogy of Jackson Brodie books. Here's hoping that is one rumor that does not become fact.


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I do need to read more varied stuff

can't fight this feeling anymore

I don't know anybody who didn't like Case Histories. It's in paperback, too.


I read it over the weekend and liked it a lot -- though One Good Turn remains my favorite, possibly because it was the first one I read. I hope it's not the last Jackson Brodie although it kind of reads like it might be.

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