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Vacation reading

I'm off this week but taking one of those vacations where you hang out at home and pretend you're Iknow going to accomplish little things around the house (washing the screens, weeding, cleaning out the 30-year-old spices out of the spice rack, catching up on everything backed up on the TiVo since book fair, etc.) So far I have accomplished none of those things, but I have read 500 plus pages of I Know This Much is True (Wally Lamb again), which I hadn't had time to read when I was writing about him for the book fair.

LOVE the book, about two brothers (one generally troubled, the other schizophrenic); I like it more than She's Come Undone, but perhaps not as much as The Hour I First Believed. It's a big book, but I'm just flying through it. I love the way Lamb creates such realistic characters. They feel like somebody you know.

I wish I had known Dr. Patel from Hour was in this, too!

Oprah was truly on to something when she picked this book for one of her book clubs. Can't wait to see if she honors Hour as well.


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Addendum: I finished this today; great book! Long but completely absorbing, even though Lamb pulled his trick of having a documented story-within-the-story thing, a device I generally get impatient with because it pulls you from the main narrative.

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