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Zo signs at Books & Books

Zo So you missed your chance for a signed Alonzo Mourning book at the fair. Here's how you get a copy of Resilience: Faith, Focus, Triumph: Head to Books & Books in the Gables at 2 p.m. Saturday. Zo will be signing his book there; he'll sign multiple copies but won't be able to personalize. And don't bother bringing any Heat memorabilia; he'll only sign books purchased at the store.

Still, though. It's ZO! And proceeds from the book go to kidney research and other related charities.


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Should "won't be able to personalize" actually be "won't personalize"? At the few Book Fair signings I've gone to, the authors have personalized the books.


It's not that unusual for writers (esp. stars) who draw huge crowds to not personalize books. I don't think either of the Clintons did when they were at B&B hawking their biographies. I've also been at book fair when writers had to catch a plane so they were signing as fast as they could (easier when you don't have to personalize, and more people end up with signed books).

In fact I don't think Peter Matthiessen personalized the books he signed at the fair this year, because he had to catch a plane. They were trying to accommodate as many people as possible but at some point he had to get up and head to the airport.

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