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Who's your hero: Friday or Bond?

Friday Daniel Two films open today that are based on books. First up is Defiance, starring Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber as two of the three Bielski brothers (Jamie Bell plays the third), Jewish partisans who fought the Nazis and stayed alive through the war by hiding out in the woods. The film is getting lukewarm reviews, except from me - I thought it was pretty good. It's a true story, for God's sake, and even though Craig doesn't strip down to his skivvies - hey, they're in the Belorussian forest in winter, it's COLD, for God's sake - he's still pretty compelling in it

Second is Hotel for Dogs, based on the kids' book by Lois Duncan. The intrepid hero here is a wiry little terrier named Friday.

I think I have to go with Friday on this one...he's just...fuzzier.

I also reviewed Last Chance Harvey, though it's not based on a book. Lots of people will like this movie. It's cute. Not much to it. But you gotta love a movie about old people (like me) finding romance. Plus, it has Emma Thompson, and there is no bad there.


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