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Doc Ford - and Randy Wayne White - are back in "Dead Silence"

White I'll be the first to confess that Randy Wayne White's latest Doc Ford thriller gave me the heebie jeebies (in a good, must-keep-turning-Silence pages way). In Dead Silence, kidnappers snatch a victim - a tough Native American kid named Will Chaser - and bury him alive. They're demanding one hell of a ransom: Fidel Castro's secret files, which have been snatched in turn by the U.S. government.

Anybody who grew up in Florida in the '70s will remember the story of Barbara Jane Mackle, an heiress who was kidnapped and buried and, thank GOD, rescued. They even made a TV movie about it, which I must've seen as a kid because just the words "buried alive" make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Anyway, Dead Silence is quite a ride (the kidnapping plot is the main event, but there's plenty more going on here). White, who seems like a hell of a nice guy, is coming here to talk about it Saturday at Books & Books. You can read my interview with him here.


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