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How to be a bad bookstore customer

It's nice to believe that all bookstore customers - who presumably are, you know, readers and thus a cut above the rest of the riffraff, or so we snotty book lovers would love to think - are wonderful, but a very funny blog item over at Publisher's Weekly begs to differ. Read the comments and you'll note that the biggest complaint seems to be customers letting their kids trash the place. Imagine! Poorly behaved kids in this day and age!


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You know I worship books, but a bookstore is just that -- a store. It's not the library. What irks me is the customers who are reading in the cafeteria at B&N's or Border's and feel annoyed because I'm having a regular conversation with my children. Of course after the nasty look or snide comment, my conversations become way louder =)


Bookstores created the "problem" (I do not think it is a real problem) when they put coffee shops in and started kids programs/kiddie book sections. People treat thestores like home. It may irritate some folks but it might irritate them even more if their favorite bookstore went out of business.
Good for the stores for being creative.

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