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Advice to book industry: Don't be like those idiots in the music industry

Publisher's Weekly is keeping close tabs on this year's BookExpo America, as always. Calvin Reid writes about a really interesting panel on how the book industry should approach the new paradigm of publishing, what with all the technological and Web innovations.

The panel included Wired editor Chris Anderson, Scribd cofounder Jared Friedman, "digital guru" Nick Bilton of the New York Times and focused on one main question: How can the book industry save itself from following in the unfortunate steps of the music industry? The panel had some interesting things to say, including: Piracy can be useful. Really.

Check out the story here. Definitely worth reading.


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yeah, definitely worth reading. and it makes sense. i hope movie people get the message too...i don't want to go to theaters, but neither do i want to wait several months while everyone's giving out spoilers til the DVD comes out.
i DO want to read books in book form... but not everyone does. if you make something available legally in the format they want, they'll pay for it; if you don't, they'll find a way to get it illegally and not pay.

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