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A little light reading for summer

Mercury Not up for the rigors of such novels as Netherland or anything else vaguely literary at the moment? Can't blame you. What with today's storms, I want to crawl into bed with comfort fiction myself (my editor would frown on such behavior, I suspect). But if you are unhindered by having to work today or the rest of the week or even the rest of the summer, we have some suggestions for you.

Herald writer (and friend of the blog) Hannah Sampson reviewed some chick fiction in Tuesday's paper, including Page Six editor Paula Froelich's Mercury in Retrograde, which has one of the more charming covers I've seen lately. Love the dog looking out of the apartment building window.

And don't start lecturing me on the fact that the phrase "chick fiction" is derogatory. It's a perfectly good phrase that communicates the genre of the book exactly. Sometimes we're just not up for Roberto Bolano, you know?


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