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Dave Eggers and "Zeitoun"

Zeitoun So you think you've heard all the terrible stories about Hurricane Katrina? You've probably heard plenty of them. But in his new book, Zeitoun, McSweeney master Dave Eggers tells one sure to enrage, about a Syrian immigrant who stayed in New Orleans through the storm and in the aftermath tried to help his neighbors (even feeding dogs that had been left behind, though...who leaves their dogs behind if they're fleeing a killer hurricane?)

Anyway, his reward for his trouble? He was arrested for "looting" his own business, stuck in a makeshift jail, accused of being a terrorist and denied phone calls to his frantic wife, who had left town with the kids.

Click here to read Andrew Ervin's review of the book. This is not one I want to miss.


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Marissa Monteilh

Delicious and empowering sounds good to me! I'll have too check it out. Thanks!

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