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Julie & Julia & Connie & Rene


While I don't outright disagree with Herald critic Rene Rodriguez's review of Julie & Julia - what he writes is right on target - I have to admit I liked the movie a bit more than he did. We both loved Meryl Streep as the iconic Julia Child; to nobody's surprise, Streep is excellent, and I felt nothing but pure delight every time she strode into a scene shouting "Bonjour!" Rene is spot-on in his descriptions of Streep's physicality, how she uses her body and voice to conjure up the larger-than-life personality of the woman she's portraying.

Juliebook I had more patience than Rene did with the modern-day story of blogger Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams), though I wouldn't deny that this story lacks conflict and that the fight between Julie and her husband seems totally manufactured to lend a bit of drama. Still, there's something intriguing to me about working one's way through this cookbook. I am not a bad cook, but I am an unambitious one, and the idea of deboning a duck or making buerre blanc or fiddling around with aspic (ewww) intrigues me. (OK, maybe not the aspic part, that just grosses me out.) I mean, I'll never actually do it, but I enjoy watching someone else struggle on through while I throw together a white bean and arugula salad.

And I have to confess:I haven't eaten red meat for three years, but looking at that beef bourginon that Julie makes (not the one she burns) shook me to my carnivorous core.

I haven't read Powell's book - her new one, the intriguingly titled Cleaving: A Story of Meat, Marriage and Obsession, is due out Dec. 1 - but the movie certainly makes me want to give it a shot.


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A team of wild horses, a pistol, free beer. Three things that would get me to see this movie.


I bet you would see it if a zombie busted into the Cordon Bleu, and Julia hacked him up with a carving knife.

Rene Rodriguez

This movie made me hungry.


The duck thing was pretty disgusting but OH that beef.

Also it made me want to drink red wine.

Rene Rodriguez

Also, what is buerre blanc? Is that like a burrito?

just sayin

this is a really good read.

im glad you liked the movie. i really want to see it and your endorsement is a good sign.


Rene, you just didn't understand this movie, as your idea of the food pyramid goes something like this:

Ice cream sundae
Coke and fries
Burger and burritos and chicken nuggets


I liked the book -- and I wasn't particularly expecting to, going in. I found Powell's voice to be funny and self-deprecating without being grating. Also, it wasn't just blog postings strung together -- it definitely read like a real memoir. Interestingly, I thought the recreated Julia sections of the book the least successful. But I'm looking forward to seeing Streep's portrayal.

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