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Barnes & Noble reveals its new e-reader

Nook Barnes & Noble enters the e-reader fray with the Nook, described by PW Daily as "an unusual dual screen digital reader—it has a six-inch grayscale E-Ink display with a full-color backlit touch-control screen situated just below—that raises the ante on E-Ink devices. The Nook offers a virtual keyboard, two GB of internal memory with expandable (16 gig) SD card and five different fonts."

The Nook goes on sale at B&N stores and the website sometime at the end of November, just in time for the holidays. PW reports that the price will be $259, the same cost as Amazon's Kindle 2.

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Judith Accilon

I can appreciate the fact that everyone is trying to move towards technology but I feel it's doing a great disservice to books. Frist Kindle now E-Reader, what will happen to good old fashion paper books? Pretty soon they will become absolete as everything will be published on the web. What will happen to those who can't afford the electronic gadgets? or our public libraries and bookstores? And keep in mind, electronics stuffs costs a lot more than paper stuff. Anyone else agree with me on this?

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