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Michael Connelly's "9 Dragons" a disappointment, but only to me

Here's what Oline H. Cogdill has to say about Michael Connelly's latest Harry Bosch novel in Tuesday's Miami Herald:

Dragons "Harry's personal and professional lives overlap in the engrossing Nine Dragons, the 15th novel -- and one of the best -- in this series. Nine Dragons works as a gripping police procedural, an intense character study and an international thriller. The novel also explores a man learning to become a father, serves as a travel guide to the back streets of Hong Kong and provides an in-depth look at L.A.'s Asian community. "

(You can read the entire review here.)

I've heard nothing but praise for 9 Dragons, which links a murder in L.A. to the disappearance of Harry's daughter in Hong Kong. Even my own mother told me she thought it was one of Connelly's best books.

So why didn't I like it? Why did I feel like I was slogging through the last third of the novel? Why did I want to just give up, not really caring what happens to the kid?  I'm hardly sick of Connelly; in fact, I believe this made my list of Fall Books I Can't Wait to Read.

I have no answers. Only the question. In the meantime, everybody else should apparently read it because it appears I don't know what I'm talking about.


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