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What are you reading now?

Wiley ``I've been rereading Briarpatch by Ross Thomas, a too-little-known thriller writer. The book was published 25 years ago, and the world events are a little dated, but Thomas knows just when to be funny, just how to build suspense and just what he needs to do to surprise us. Briarpatch starts with a car bomb explosion and ends with . . . well, that's the great fun of it. Thomas is a master.''

-- MICHAEL WILEY, author of The Bad Kitty Lounge


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Judith Accilon

Our book club is reading "Push" by Sapphire and then we will check out the movie and compare the two.


I hear from our film critic that the film (called "Precious") is pretty great...sounds harrowing, but with a lot of fodder for discussion.

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