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Are you ready for "Going Rogue"?

From McClatchy's Erika Bolstad (former Herald reporter!) comes this story on the eve of the release of Sarah Palin's memoir Going Rogue:

Rogue Thanks to a sloppy stock clerk at an undisclosed bookstore, there've been plenty of leaks from Palin's memoir, Going Rogue, which officially hits bookstores Tuesday.

The Palin publicity blitz has begun, and if it has elements of a political campaign, a Twitter feed and that of a top-tier rock band touring second-tier cites, well, that's by design.

Palin, who taped her appearance on Oprah last week, kicks off her tour Tuesday at a Barnes & Noble in Grand Rapids, Mich. She'll swing through small cities such as Fort Wayne, Ind., Washington, Pa., Roanoke, Va. — places where she had triumphant appearances last year on the campaign trial as Sen. John McCain's vice presidential running mate."

The story continues:

"So what's in the book?

There's some juicy campaign trail gossip, writes the Associated Press reporter who last week tracked down a copy of Going Rogue. In it, Palin reportedly claims that as much as $50,000 of the legal bills she amassed while she was governor of Alaska came from the vetting the McCain campaign did of her as a vice presidential candidate.

The book also "describes heart-wrenching anguish about her teen daughter's pregnancy playing out before a national audience," reports the AP.

There's also plenty of media bashing, according to an excerpt leaked to the Drudge Report Web site."

Click here to read the whole story.



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American Patriot

The democrats are sacared to death of this great American patriot. If God exists Palin will be the next President (capital letters) of the USA in 2012.


Anything with Palin in it gets the best responses.


Difficult to believe we've stooped to such low levels of expectation for someone who might run for the presidency of the US. And, it's not a matter of criticizing her for the sake of criticizing...it's simply that this is a person who is unable to represent the US in any way, shape or form. I think of her as a comedian along the lines of Carrot Top, but certainly not a legitimate national politician. Republicans need to ask themselves, would you vote for this woman if she were a democrat. If the answer is no, then why in the world would you vote for her as a republican? The questions should always be who is best for the country, and not any other criteria!


Keep milking the fame, just don't run for president please.


God wants you to vote for her...Duh.

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