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Giving thanks for good books

Await In case you were wondering where I've been: Was home for a week enjoying the holidays with good weather, good friends, family, some nice wine and, of course, a few books. Fewer than I anticipated, actually.

Read Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Played With Fire and (predictably) loved it; it's especially nice to read a dark Scandinavian mystery by the pool in Florida. Now I am desperate to read the third - and last! - book in the series, although when I think hard about it I'm so sorry that no. 3 is the end that...maybe I can wait. Delayed gratification is good. In any case, anybody who has yet to discover Larsson's moody thrillers needs to do so pronto. I'm still waiting to meet the first person who doesn't like these books.

Also started Dan Chaon's Await Your Reply, and though I'm not quite finished yet, I have to say that while I like it I am baffled as to how it ended up on Publisher's Weekly's list of the top 10 books of the year. Maybe its climax is extraordinary (though I have this feeling I know where it's going). Won't say more until I'm done.


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