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Showtime to adapt Augusten Burroughs' "Dry"

At least, that's what Burroughs told the audience during his Friday night appearance at Books & Books in the Gables.  So don't get rid of your cable just yet (plus, you can watch the fabulous Edie Falco in Nurse Jackie on Showtime as well, another sublime TV pleasure).

Dry Anyway, Burroughs was funny and talkative last night to the standing-room only crowd (really a sitting-room only crowd, as people squashed into the room and sat cross-legged on the floor in front of Burroughs like so many eager children). He read one extremely funny passage from his collection of holiday stories, You Better Not Cry - the one about waking up next to Santa - and was extremely gracious during the Q and A period, even when one audience member, apparently not realizing a joke when she heard it, attempted kindly to explain the difference between Jesus and Santa to him.

The news about Dry, his hilarious and heartbreaking memoir about being an alcoholic, drew great applause, as did the news that NBC is adapting his novel Sellevision for TV as well.

You know it's a good night in Miami when the bookstore is jammed and people are excited to be talking about an author and his work. It's been awhile since I've made it south for a reading - the horrific traffic last night reminded me why - but my history of never regretting the drive continues. A great night all around.


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Amy Canfield

Dry was great. Inspirational, even. But I just heard recently that he went to a rehab place that specialized in gay men. Did he say that in the book?

Was I drinking and just missed that? Somehow I don't remember it.

I've always admired him from going from "don't put an olive in my martini because that will make less room for the gin," to being sober.

I think someday I will write a book about Women & Wine. But until then, Cheers! And good for you, Augusten! Can't wait to read your Christmas book, although how it could be better than David Sedaris' story about his elfdom at macy's (bloomingdales? i have not such a great memory), I'll never know.........

Connie, wish i could be there!!!!!!

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