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Best thrillers of 2009

Oline Cogdill, friend of the blog and an expert at reviewing thrillers for the Sun Sentinel - the Herald's close personal friend now, no longer The Enemy, which I'm finally getting used to - chooses her top thrillers of 2009. Her favorite of the year? It's a tie between Michael Connelly (for The Scarecrow) and Michael Connelly (for 9 Dragons).

China I've already documented that I liked The Scarecrow a lot and didn't care for 9 Dragons (I have yet to meet another reader who didn't like it). Oline reads a lot more thrillers than I do these days so she's got a better handle on a best-of list. But here are the thrillers I enjoyed most this year:

1. The City & the City, China Mieville: Half sci fi, half detective story, this novel accomplishes something rare: It made me think: I've never read anything like this.

2. The Girl Who Played with Fire, Stieg Larsson: Yup. Obvious, wasn't it? I'm addicted to these Lisbeth Salander novels.

3. Await Your Reply, Dan Chaon: A tricky literary thriller that takes three separate stories and melds them breathlessly into one.


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Eduardo Vera

The girl who played with fire...excelent


I also loved The Girl Who Played with Fire and the final in this triology doesn't disappoint. Thanks for running my list, Connie

Matt Pinzur

The City and The City is one of my favorites in a long time. Just as smart as his older stuff, but more accessible by far.


I also didn't care for 9 Dragons. Most of it didn't make any sense and was out of character. The third Millenium book is awesome! =)

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