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More "is reading doomed?" speculation (I vote no)

If you're interested in the future of reading and books, do not miss Chauncey Mabe's excellent posting over at Open Page, the blog for the Florida Center of the Literary Arts, which cites articles from Mashable and The Washington Post on holiday ebook sales and fictions and includes a word that will soon strike terror in the hearts of old-school readers.

That word is "vooks." As in "video" and "books."

Seriously. It's going to scare all hell out of you.


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Joey Johnson

Never buy an E-book. First, you can't smell it. Second, you can't read it in the tub or on the potty. Third, you can't throw it on the dash of your car when the light changes to green and people are honking at you. Fourth, where are the bookworms and silverfishes going to live? You can't burn it to keep yourself warm in an emergency, you can't smash bugs with an e-book and lastly, I will end by asking, what will become of all the tree huggers if they aren't woried about books and the trees that supply the paper they are printed on? I too vote NO!


I am definitely the kind of person who would drop an ereader and break it or soak it or something.


Of all your excellent points, Joey, the bug smashing one may be my favorite! Also, my entire decorating schemes is based on books; you can't put up shelves and put your ebooks on them...

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