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"The Lost Symbol" no. 1 Christmas bestseller in England

Smybol Not to be a Scrooge or anything this holiday season, but I just read over at Open Page, Chauncey Mabe's terrific blog for the Florida Center for the Literary Arts, that Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol has become the no. 1 Christmas bestseller in England. (Apparently it beat The Guinness Book of World Records, which is...let's just say it...LAME. Really weak choices, Britain.)

Has everyone on that green and sceptered isle, home of Shakespeare and Martin Amis, lost their collective minds? Chauncey takes this as good news for fiction in what was supposed to be a nonfiction sort of year, but did it really have to be this fiction?

Bah humbug, indeed.


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A bittersweet victory for fiction. No one on my list is getting a Dan Brown novel, I like everyone on my Xmas list.

Funny joke about your gift to Mr. Mabe.

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