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"Three Cups of Tea" author in Miami

Greg I haven't had a chance to read Greg Mortenson's latest book Stones Into Schools yet, but a trustworthy source (thanks, Sue!) reports that it's even better than his bestselling Three Cups of Tea, about his work setting up schools is Pakistan.

Stones continues where Tea - which surprised me; I didn't expect to like it as much as I did - ended, with Mortenson's work to build schools and educate girls in Afghanistan.

You can see the author at 6 p.m. Sunday at Temple Judea, where he'll appear for Books & Books. Free tickets available at all Books & Books locations while supplies last. I can't imagine this won't be an evening to remember.


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Amy Canfield

I want to read this, too. He appeared up here to speak, two shows, both were sold out! My son's middle school is reading Three Cups of Tea, the young reader's version, and doing activities around it, collecting "pennies for peace," and so on. Such a good idea!


Yes, I really liked the idea that he wrote the kids' book to encourage kids to help other kids. Pretty cool how he went from mountain climber to activist.

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