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How free e-books help authors

Playing catch up a bit here - hey, it's been a busy few days, what with using all my energies to prevent the hated New York Jets from reaching the Super Bowl - but if you missed it, this New York Times story is worth checking out. It's about how half of Kindle's best sellers aren't sellers at all; they're given away. How does this help authors who want to actually make a living, you know, WRITING? Read on.


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Joey Johnson

Old Melvil Dewey would roll over in his card drawer if he knew what some folks were planning for his love(books). All books have spines, maybe it's time for us to show ours and boycott these abominable devices and the companies who purvey them. Let's tear down the walls of this oppressive establishment by contnuing our romance with the forest's greatest gift to us, paper. For the love of starving authors everywhere... don't let a tree die in vain, read a book.

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