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"One Island-One Book" chooses - no surprise - Hemingway

Have The Key West Library has chosen - fittingly, some would say - Ernest Hemingway's To Have and Have Not as its first selection in its "One Island-One Book" community reading initiative. What other book could the fine folks at the library have picked that was more appropriate, what with its hard-drinking Key West boat captain Harry Morgan and its setting of great economic hardship?

Local events - book discussion groups, a screening of the film and various historical talks - kick off the first two weeks of March, but get your copy of the book now to get started. There's even a blog set up for discussion and for more information on related events.

How cool is this old paperback cover, by the way???


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I have yet to find a book I loathe more. The best thing about THAHN is that it gave Howard Hawks an idea for a (largely unrelated) movie.

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