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"The Girl Who Fell From the Sky" - a review

Fell Heidi W. Durrow's debut novel The Girl Who Fell From the Sky has been getting quite a bit of buzz, and Herald reporter/reviewer Hannah Sampson feels it was well deserved. She calls the novel "exquisite," which is enough to make me want to check it out:

"Here is what Rachel Morse has learned in her short, tumultuous life: ``If there's no one else to tell another side -- the only story that can be told is the story that becomes true.''

So the blue-eyed, ``light-skinned-ed'' girl tells a story that becomes her truth. ``I'm black. I'm from northeast Portland. My grandfather's eyes are this color. I've lived here mostly my whole life. I'm black. I'm black, I know.''

She goes on to write: "The Girl Who Fell From the Sky is not just a story about color. Touching on race, yes, but also on family ties, alcoholism, poverty, childhood and violence, Durrow's powerful novel is poised to find a place among classic stories of the American experience." 

Click here to read the whole review.


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