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"Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" on audio

Norrell At the urging of several fans of the book, I finally got the massive audiobook version of Susanna Clark's Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell from the library, and three CDs into it I'm really enjoying it. Clark's writing is sharp and witty, and I'm intrigued as to where the story - about magicians in 19th century England - is going to lead.

The novel - all 26 CDs of it! - is read by a guy named  Simon Prebble, who as far as I can tell should read every British novel set in the past. He's got a rich, plummy voice, perfect for every character so far. The length might put some people off, but after listening to the short story collection Selected Shorts: American Classics, I'm ready for something a bit more substantial. Besides, the traffic on I-95 is so bad, I'm sure I'll be through the book in no time.

And to think I never used to listen to fiction.


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I think that Simon Prebble is the best audio book narrator working today. His readings of many of the works of Dick Francis are my particular favorites. He reads both fiction and non-fiction intelligently and is able to create male and female characters equally well.


I imagine he'd be great with a Dick Francis novel. What a great voice he has. To me a good reader makes all the difference...

Chauncey Mabe

I think you'll find in the end this is just a big, lovely novel of characters that happens to be about people who are magicians...


I like it so far! Finally getting to Jonathan Strange now...

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